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No two projects are the same and no two systems can be applied in the same manner to individual projects. 

Our main goal is to develop systems that address the particular scope and scale of each unique project we undertake, in a collaborative and comprehensive manner that gives clients agency in the process. 

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Risk and Safety Systems

Elucidate is able to provide a wide range of services to assist clients in developing comprehensive risk and safety systems and processes to ensure the successful delivery of their projects. These include:

- The development of Risk and Safety Management Systems, Risk   Frameworks, Policies & Procedures

- The development of detailed, customised Risk Management Planning documentation together with risk treatment and  monitoring assets

- The development of comprehensive Safety and Emergency Management Plans, Manuals and delivery assets

- The development of Crowd Management Plans and crowd management assets

- Inspections and Audits of Venues, Sites & Project Builds to assist clients in developing early-stage risk & safety analyses

Image: Jesse Hunniford - MONA FOMA (2020)

Project Delivery

Elucidate can also assist in providing equipment, services and staffing to aid in the delivery of risk and safety processes on an event site or for particular projects.  These elements include:

- Provision of simple or complex Compliance Systems (Contractor Management, Incident Reporting, Compliance, Checks) and customised online Induction systems

- Customised Safety Training, Toolbox Talks and Onsite Inductions

- Provision of qualified and experienced Event Safety Staff  (Wardens and EOC staff, Public Safety Officers)

- Hire of Site Safety equipment such as Warden Kits and EOC systems

- Provision of Weather Monitoring, Real Time Incident Reporting, Crowd Monitoring systems and other risk and safety management systems, via our partner organisations

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Image: Gregory Lorenzutti - One Infinity (2018)
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Image: Tiffany Garvie - Yirramboi (2019)

Project Management and Consultancy

With decades of experience across a broad spectrum of performing arts projects, cultural and corporate events and festivals, the Elucidate team can offer a wide range of services specific to particular projects.  These services include elements such as:

- Project viability studies, permitting and permissions processes

- Staff training in risk management and emergency preparedness

- Operational and production consultancy and delivery

- Development of documentation and assets for specific projects

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